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Big Red


We chose Big Red as the name because the plane is red and big.  It took me a day to build.  I can hold 10 Lego people and 2 pilots.  This one is awesome because it doesn’t crash as much as the Small Blue.




Small Blue


This is the one we made fly.  We can tow this one.  This one is the hardest plane to build.  It has six seats and only one pilot.  You can take the roof off to play inside of it (same with Big Red). 




Lego Airport


The airport has revolving doors.  Once a lady got stuck in the revolving doors.  It has a computer in it and arrival and departure charts.





Control Tower


The control tower has a crew.  The crew tows the plane (only Small Blue) and the other takes the baggage and loads the passengers on Big Red.  The control tower has a rolly chair (a chair that spins).






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